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Password error

2020 Apr 16, 16:02


I created a new one account, for use in dual box. But when I tried to login in the game. I received an error message. „Password dos not match this account. Confirm your account information and log in again later.” The email address was has been confirmed.

I reset the password, I accessed the link received by email. The password was reset. I tried to connect, on the site and in the game, using the new password, but the same result.

I created another account use another email address. The email was confirmed, but I can not login on the site an in the game. And for this account, I reset the password 4 or 5 times, I accessed the link received by email. The password was reset, but nothing happened. Neither with this new account created, I did not succeed to connect in the game and on the site.

What can I do, to connect, and to use dual box?
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Re: Password error

2020 Apr 17, 08:52

Sorry our registration service was stuck. We made a fix. :)

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