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6LVL The Guard is Busy [ALL][Recommended]

2019 Aug 18, 10:12

Level: 6
Start Location: Talking Island Village
Start Npc: Captain Gilbert
Races: All
Classes: All
Repeatable: Yes (Solo)
Reward: 5a/10a/15a + 1000 soulshots or 500 spiritshot in first time delivery.

Quest Guide
1. Talk to Captain Gilbert, he is at the northeast exit of Talking Island Village. He will give you the Gludio Lords Mark.
2. Hunt Werewolves (any type) for Werewolf's Fang, and Orcs of any kind for Orc Amulets and Orc's Necklaces. The necklaces drop off orcs level 10 and higher.
3. Return to Captain Gilbert at any time and turn in the amulets for 5a, the fangs for 10a, and the necklaces for 15a.

You can continue to do this quest indefinitely and return with any number of fangs, amulets, and necklaces at any time.

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