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15LVL Rancher's Plea [All]

2019 Sep 01, 19:54

Level: 15
Start Location: Talking Island Village
Start Npc: Edmond
Races: All
Classes: All
Repeatable: Yes (Solo)
Reward: 25a for each skin

Quest Guide
1. Talk to Edmond in a house on the northwest shore of Talking Island (/loc -115k;222k).
2. Hunt Giant Spiders (lvl 15 aggressive) and Pokers (lvl 16 passive) and collect Giant Spider Skins.
3. Give the skins to Edmond for 25a each. If you want you can talk to Marius (near Edmond) and exchange a set of 10 skins for a Healing Potion or 50 Wooden Arrows instead of giving them to Edmond.

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