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15LVL Millennium Love [All]

2019 Sep 01, 19:21

Level: 15
Start Location: Talking Island Village
Start Npc: Lilith
Races: All
Classes: All
Repeatable: No (Solo)
Reward: Greater Compressed No Grade SS Package.

Quest Guide
1. Talk to Lilith in the Talking Island Village church. She will give you Lilith's Letter.
2. Take the boat to Gludin and talk to Master Baenedes in the trainer building just east of the north exit of Gludin. He will ask you deliver a diary to Lilith back in Talking Island Town. You can refuse the second delivery, in which case the reward is 3000a.
3. At some point take the boat back to Talking Island return to Lilith and deliver the diary.

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