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2019 Sep 03, 07:14

Lineage 2 Interlude by GGames.EU
Forum Rules

Ignorance of the rules does not exempt from liability for their violation.
Confirming registration, you automatically agree to the general Rules of the L2.GGames.EU project

1. General provisions of the forum and recommendations
1.1. The manual monitors the forum, actions and discussions of users and intervenes in case of special needs, based on the Forum Rules.
1.2. Management has the right to change and go beyond the scope of the Rules at any time.
1.3. The topic or message created by any participant is the property of the forum, and not the one who created the topic.
1.4. Themes should be created in sections of the relevant topics.
1.5. Private messages from forum participants are not moderated.
1.5.1. Medications containing insults, if any, are provided, are subject to moderation. The fine is imposed in accordance with the Rules.
1.6. Forbidden obscenities and insults on the forum.

2. Wishes to users of the forum
2.1. Before creating a problematic topic, use the search function, maybe the answer already exists.
2.2. Quoting someone else is minimal or not quoting if your message goes next. Multiple repetitions of the same thing, especially on the same page are unnecessary and clog the forum.
2.3. Messages of a personal nature, private discussions - useless or useless for other participants of the flame - transfer to the mode of "private communication" (PM) or use e-mail.
2.4. Making the title is essentially a reflection of the problem, not the emotions.
2.5. Creating a topic in the appropriate section and in the specified form, this guarantees a faster solution to the problem.
2.6. As a preventive measure, after deleting the message-violator, the Administration may use the following penalties:
  • • Verbal warnings (which is also an Official warning or an Official requirement) in the message of the violator;
    • A warning;
    • The ban on writing messages;
    • Blocking an account, ban;
    • Permanent unlimited ban account;
    • Ban by IP address.
2.7. In case of violation, the Administration has the right to block the IP address that was used for this. You should carefully monitor the persons using your access to the network, in order to avoid misunderstandings, when it turns out that your IP address is banned due to other people's violations.

3. Violations and fines
3.1. It is forbidden to explicitly and implicitly insult the Administration on the forum and in private messages.
Punishment: blocking the forum account from 1 month or more, at the discretion of the Administrator.
3.2. It is forbidden to take any action that lowers the reputation of the project and the Administration, as well as spreading rumors, misinformation, threats of any nature against the Administration.
Punishment: blocking forum accounting from 1 month or more, at the discretion of the Administrator.
3.3. It is forbidden to create topics in the name of which are mat, CAPS, Translit.
Punishment: access to the forum in reading mode up to 2 days. The title is subject to correction. A warning will be issued to the author.
3.4. Flood and spam are prohibited: writing one word per line; writing all words in uppercase; repetition of one line; advertising and anti-advertising; numerous creation of topics not bearing a semantic load; topic creation is not in the appropriate section.
Punishment: correction or removal of messages, at the discretion of the Administrator / Moderator. A warning will be issued to the author.
3.5. Threats: we will not tolerate threats either towards the administration or towards the players. Persistent threats will block access to the forum.
Punishment: towards players, opponents - blocking from 2 days, with relapse forever;
towards administration - blocking forever.
3.6. It is forbidden to post messages / avatars / screenshots / pictures / signatures containing text / images that violate the rules of the forum and server:
  • • Pornographic
    • Racial
    • Politically motivated
    • Obscene images
You will receive a request in the PM forum to eliminate this violation. If you ignore it, the Moderator will do it for you. If you will return to the place remote, then you will be denied access to change this option.
Punishment: a warning will be issued to the author.
3.7. It is forbidden to wrangle and challenge the actions of the Administration.
Punishment: messages will be deleted. A warning may be issued to the author.
3.8. It is forbidden to publish conversations with the Administration, or their contents without prior approval.
Punishment: messages will be deleted.
3.9. It is forbidden to explicitly or indirectly advertise other games, any other third-party projects.
Punishment: block forum registration forever.
3.10. It is forbidden to write about your leaving the server or leaving a group of people from the server, as well as encouraging other players to stop the game.
Punishment: blocking forum accounting from 1 month or more, at the discretion of the Administrator. Closing a collection topic, if one exists.
3.11. It is forbidden to discuss the punishment established by the Administration.
Punishment: messages will be deleted. A warning may be issued to the author.
3.12. Use in communication on the forum Translit is prohibited.
Punishment: deleting the message. A warning will be issued to the author.
3.13. Distribution of links is prohibited:
  • • distribution of links to third-party projects;
    • distribution of links to sites - traps and tricks, where you are asked for a username and password from your account to issue something for free.
Punishment: block forum registration forever.
The exception may be the clan’s site, or any other site that, at the discretion of the moderator / administrator, does not harm the game resource (for storing videos, photos or game FAQs)
Advertising of third-party projects entails a ban on IP.
Distribution of links for fraud entails a ban on IP.
Advertising products, web pages, etc. strictly forbidden - forum in reading mode 2 days.
3.14. Flame: if someone does not share the opinions of others, a discussion begins and this does not mean at all that there should be a verbal struggle with insults. Insulting someone is not allowed, and severe punishment will be applied.
Each participant is responsible for his word. Everyone has the right to freedom of speech. However, this freedom should not be taken lightly, since obscene expressions on the forum, insults to users, and a veiled obscenity are prohibited.
Punishment: depending on the severity of the violation:
  • • Insult - a forum in reading mode up to a day.
    • Veiled mat - forum in reading mode up to a day.
    • Mat - forum in reading mode up to 2 days.
Any of these violations towards the administration of a month and forever.
In the direction of the moderator during execution from a week to a month, and the fine is imposed by an uninterested party (not by the moderator). With a change in reputation.
3.15. It is forbidden, explicit and hidden, insulting the player’s relatives, etc.
Punishment: block forum registration for 10 days.
3.16. Bumping: there is no need to publish the same question several times. Spend your time searching for the answer to the problem.
Punishment: a warning is issued for repeated repetition of an existing topic. All repeated topics, questions and answers will be deleted.
3.17. Cross-posting, double-posting, flood: if you have a question, post it in one suitable section of the forum, and not in all of them. You will not receive a quick response - your entries will either be deleted or only the first one will be left. Crossposting is considered annoying because it makes it difficult for forum users to give an answer.
Punishment: A warning will be issued, with a change in reputation. In case of relapse, a fine of up to 2 days is imposed.
3.18. It is forbidden to discredit the project.
Punishment: at the discretion of the Administrator.
3.19. It is forbidden to publicly stipulate any kind of transactions not related to the Lineage 2 Interlude by GGames project on the project forum.
Punishment: deleting the message.
3.20. It is forbidden to express and discuss with the benefit of undermining the credibility of the project in a negative direction.
Punishment: deletion of the message, temporary blocking of accounting. With relapse - ban forever.
3.21. The forum is not allowed multiple registration, that is, the establishment of one user multiple accounts without prior approval from the administration. If there is a suspicion of multiple registration, the Forum Administration conducts an investigation, as a result of which it can make a decision as to block all accounts.

Forum rules apply to every member of the L2.GGames.EU project and there are no exceptions,
we hope that this list will help you avoid such violations, as well as
will teach the proper use of this resource.

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