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Class transfer

2020 Jan 30, 11:08

Hello guys. I like this kind of classic hadrcore project, and rather be playing here. But I think about this class transfer thing, and this is madness. Yes, a lot of people tired of one-week(month)-server, and I was looking for some retail profect for a long time.
All of us like this x1 atmosphere of hard game, but let be honest - nobody likes class transfer quest. Some ppl like some quests with radmod reward, it's clearly the part of this hardcode game, but this class transfer... I know nobody who makes these quests with pleasure. It's 2020, and we all too old for doing this.
Class transfer is relic of the past, nowadays no matter how low rate is, making occupation quest is just unnecessary and annoying part of our lovely game.
My suggestion is let us buy 1st and 2nd (at least second) class transfer marks for adena. Make it expensive, very expensive, but let us take class w/o quest.
Thank you for reading my oppinion. I hope i'm not the only one who think this way.
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Re: Class transfer

2020 Jan 30, 13:02

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