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3LVL Nerupa's Reques [Elf] [Lesser Healing Potion / 1000 EXP]

2019 Sep 06, 13:44

Level: 3
Start Location: Elven Village
Start Npc: Nerupa
Races: Elf
Classes: All
Repeatable: No (Solo)
Reward: Lesser Healing Potion / 1000 EXP

Quest Guide
1. Talk to Nerupa who is under the World Tree north of the Elven Village. She will give you Silvery Spidersilk.

2. Talk to Trader Unoren in the weapon shop at the north of the village. He will take the silk and give you Uno's Receipt.

3. Talk to Trader Creamees in the magic whot on the west side ot the village. He will take the receipt and give you Cel's Ticket.

4. Talk to Warehouse Keeper Juria in the werehouse on the east side of the village. She will take the ticket, and give you the Nightshade Leaf.

5. Give the leaf to Nerupa.

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