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3LVL Fruit of the Mothertree [Elf] [100a / 1000 Exp]

2019 Sep 06, 13:47

Level: 3
Start Location: Elven Village
Start Npc: Andellia
Races: Elf
Classes: All
Repeatable: No (Solo)
Reward: 100a / 1000 Exp

Quest Guide
1. Talk to Andellria, southeast of the tree in the Elven Village. She will give you Andellria's Letter.

2. Take the letter to Thalya. She can be found by exiting the village to the southeast, following the path across 2 bridges, past the ruins, and around the lakeshore to the observatory. She will take the letter and give you The Mothertree's Fruit.

3. Return to the village and give the fruit to Andellria.
The reward is 100a and 1000 Exp.

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