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2LVL What Women Want [Elf, Human] [5 Healing Potions]

2019 Sep 06, 13:40

Level: 2
Start Location: Elven Village
Start Npc: Arujien
Races: Elf, Human
Classes: All
Repeatable: No (Solo)
Reward: 5 Healing Potions

Quest Guide
1. Talk to Arujien, who is standing on the western side of the Elven Village. He will give you Arujien's Letter.

2. Talk to Gatekeeper Mintiel on the sotheast edge of town.

3. Talk to Trader Herbtien, in the magic show on the west side of town.

4. Talk to Arujoien. If you tell him to forget about her, he will give you 450 adena and the quest ends. If you tell him that Greenis may like him, he will give you a Poetry Book to take to her.

5. Give the book to Magister Greenis in the main building, she will take it but reject poor Arujien. She gives you Grennis's Letter to return to him.

6. Return to Arujien with the bad news, and he will give you 5 Beginner's Potions (healing potions).

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