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To people looking to join

2019 Sep 16, 10:22

Hi guys

A Lot of people ask about the server so I thought I would give some of my experience with it.

First day was a bit funky, we had a few issues that needed sorting. Admin was instant to all chats and issues, he is very active and sorts things out fast.
It's not perfect no but what server is?

The population is quite low but its 1x that will always be the case, especially with subscription. What this does do though is remove a lot of the bad players and freeloaders. Everyone I met has been down to earth and pretty good to play with. This server is going to be big if we keep active on the new players and constantly advertise it.

If you are looking for that old L2 feeling, this is the place. It's Very nostalgic server. Playing this server takes me back to 2004 and if you want to enjoy l2 rather than stress about the rat race, you found the place to be.

Q) "Should I join the server"
If you want a tight community with friendly players, yes this server is that.

Q) "I don't want to play without 1000 other people"
I understand and at some point this server will have that, for now though it's a small community but everyone is friendly and helpful. Each day people join, I know this as I actively look for new starters to help.

Q)"It's not retail"
I can see why you say that, problem is everyone's version of "retail" is different, this server is very very close to retail and is very Nostalgic.

Q)"Is the admin active?"
Yes, constantly. I have no issues or worries in this area.

(I will edit if more questions get asked)
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Re: To people looking to join

2019 Sep 18, 16:21

Nice review mate. :)

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