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New Player joining

2019 Oct 28, 13:45

Greetings all,

New player on this server, currently downloading the game.

A small introduction.
I played Devienne from 2004-2006. Here my name was ArtemisDK and Hope. I left there coz I was scammed, but joined Teon. Here I made a Spell Howler, EileithyiaDK R.I.P. and my trust SE TheNaughtyNurse. I played in clans Precious, KJ and lastly United. I played all the way to 2016, where I decided to quit. I guess I was fed up with the ongoing promotion of l2store. The entire game ended up evolving around the shop. Items, upgrades, new items new special and EXTREMELY powerful items etc. etc.

So I took a scroll down classic games, playing on l2club, Dex, Skelth and Giran-NCWest. Non of which really did it for me. Skelth was by far the best, but recent updates has meant it is basically the same as Giran. Full shop, coins, lower drop rates, runes legal botting device in-game, u can use S-grade as lv 1. And shots is 1 fits all and can only be bought in the npc store. So right now I am lost. I want to play, but nothing feels right anymore. All I have is the sweet memories of what once was and hope that I one day manage to find a place and a time where people actually cared about "the long lost experience". The original, the raw sense of it all.

So that's a little bit about me.

Feel free to pm me in game. My name is Michael, playing the character "CrimsonTears"


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