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Hello..(BOXES) ¿?

2019 Sep 01, 02:20

Hello first of all, many congratulations on this new project, greetings to all, my question is the limit of boxes will remain unlimited or you can see a survey in which players can choose the number of boxes we want to have on the server (I think I would make it more dynamic and many more people would be on the lookout for the opening, since we all have a different opinion, on several servers where I have been lucky enough to play this vote helps to bring more people and their interest in the server). .. again congratulations and have a lot of fun.
just check the rate the server has to know what will be good
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Re: Hello..(BOXES) ¿?

2019 Sep 01, 09:24

Hi, we don't limit boxes, as and write at server information.
it’s no real way to limit it. If we limit it for HWID some people who have more computers still be able to use full party boxing. If we limit it for IP address some people can’t play with family members or will start use VPN’s. So, we leave it as it’s for giving same chance to use box for everyone.

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