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Chat from discord [more info]

2019 Jun 29, 06:59

Hey, i will public one of chat from discrod, maybe for some of guest will be essayer to make opinion about this project from it.

Yesterday at 11:46

Hello! can i ask for some information about upcoming server of L2? What kind of company you are? Your website looks fine and it makes me think that it is some new startup. As you know, now, in 2019 hard to find real good server that will lives a long-term period. Unfortunatly, because of new type of players. Probably, you know that its really hard - to attract large audience to any project and more difficult - maintain constant and stabily interest of players, save the balance in all of aspects of game, if you know what i mean. So, exuse me for this lagre intro, i just want to ask, how are you planning positioning of your project? Will is this a sessions--based servers project? Or will is this one long-term server? How are you planning talking with community, make the ad, who is your target audience, how are you planning maintain their interest? How many peoples in your team and what their expirience? And will is this JAVA or PTS server build? Excuse me again for this textwall and maybe some grammatical errors becouse my native is russian.

Yesterday at 13:19

NP. :smiley: My English isn't good to. :smile: So from beginning, we don't have real company yet. :wink: just tiered from wiping servers and all that donatable stuff in all of them. We think real L2 server must be without any donatable stuff and like it was in global just keeping live from subscriptions. Yes it's hard to get much people but I m man who have real life, real job and i think i will investigate much in this project and i think will come real L2 players here. So it will be long term server without wipes maybe if we see interest we will open more same server or if we lose much players later we merge them but we won't do wipes. So with community i will talk always in discord then i can and answer to they questions in forum. :wink: Only I now is with some experience in server creation and have some programing skills. Thanks for compliments for site I really investigate much time in that website, now much working for own games launcher. :smile: And last question server is based on JAVA but uses all information database functions from OFF sever so now days it's called i think PTS :smile:

ZitzYesterday at 15:18
Ok, thank you for answer! Glad to see altruistic man in L2 community. You know, i think its really hard job, to open and permanently sustain L2 server, when players can come and leave at the one day becouse reasons. I would like to wish you and your future team make the server, that will not associate with money-sucking and other shitty things. Actually, i think nowadays only one way to make great server - to take care about middle players, dont chase for TOP clanes involvment, big war and drama. To take care about economics and technical part first of all. When middle player will be know that if he left, server and their core community will stay anyways. Be maximum neutrality with everyone. Good luck with it! I will watching of your project and will ask some friends to join! This is some russian annoncment sites that good for ad: - - - - (won't public them yet sorry)

Yesterday at 22:27

Ok thanks, we will start advertise in the August, we will se what we can get here. :smile:
You let me to publish our chat in forum? maybe from this chat for some guest will be essayer to make
opinion about this server. :smiley:

Yesterday at 23:28

y ofc
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Re: Chat from discord [more info]

2019 Aug 02, 12:02

Now it's clear. ;D Really can't wait start. :)

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