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[2020-01-28] Prepare for START

2020 Jan 28, 11:53

A bit information before server start. Happy to see that is so much income to this project. Statistic is amazing, expected online is 800+, but it's just begging. This project not focus only to the start day, we upgrading, adding new futures always, and never reset your progress. So we are in big concurrence with old type servers.
We know that not only ours project is opening that day, there are a lot of bigger and older projects, that they don't like us so we can expect DDOS attacks at starting time.

For better performance in fighting VS DDOS attacks we thinking to shutdown older Antharas server from 2020-01-31 19:50 GMT+2 till 2020-01-31 21:00 GMT+2.
Hope old server players won't be mad.

Also we added future to choose default main server in website, where you want to use main server function, more in guide topic (this future is more important for old server players, because by default for everyone is set new server, they need to change it before using website functions.): ... -t134.html

Good luck and see you soon and grand server start on 2020-01-31 GMT+2.

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