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[2019-09-03] Only 10 days left

2019 Sep 03, 18:08


Long time we didn’t make any announcement, so we decided to make some Information announcement about how we are going.

Few days ago, we started maximum advertisement as we can, and we are moving great. Who fallow us from beginning can really feel population increment. Now from statistic and preorders we can prognose ~500 real online in grand start (All you know that most people come in last days before start so I think we can multiple these statistic and hope will be more than 1000 real online). We think this is enough for comfortable gameplay of Lineage 2.

In test server we detected much people who tried launch game with bots. I hope you just tested our protection system and won’t try to do that after game start, if you will somehow enter into the game with bots after Grand Start, we promise will not be any mercy for bot using players.

Thanks for all who supporting us, we will try increase more and more project popularity as possible.
We have really unique project in these days, only subscription based, no other donation!

Left only 10 days till Grand Server Start!

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