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[2019-09-14] Server started

2019 Sep 14, 20:54

Yesterday we started first this project server. Not everything was i expected.

First of all we didn't expected so much problems with server in few first hours, that means we did not do our job good in test server. Sorry that was a lot of bugs at start time, but after day work seems everything is fixed and you can enjoy your gameplay.

Second thing that we didn't get much attention from people, income was big but not much was interested to buy preorder packs or subscriptions. So we have what we have. But don't worry server will be online forever and we do what we can to improve people attention. :) This server was made from idea not for money, for people who missed real retail Lineage 2 Interlude server, who loves hard core gameplay.

Thanks for bean with us and for the support.

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